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If you’re always the one helping others, and feel tired and lost…

…I’ll help you make better health choices and get your life back on track.

Health on Track is where your health journey begins.


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About me

Georgia Scanlan 

Professional Wellness coach and Personal Trainer

My name is Georgia Scanlan and I am passionate about coaching people who are tired, overwhelmed and decision fatigued to become motivated, energised and confident by supporting my clients to get their weight and fitness back on track so that you can thrive....


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 I thought your program was great with a bunch of lovely non-judgmental girls including your upbeat self who was always there for everyone and truly wanted to help everyone every step of the way and solve any problem they had big or small whilst giving everyone loads of motivation and check-ins!  I’d rate it a 10/10 and would highly recommend it to anyone that was thinking about taking it on and wanting to make some lifestyle changes.



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I have been with Georgia now for over 18 months.

Her message is always clear and simple. Consistency is the key. 

No deprivation, no limitations, just commit to what is sustainable in your life and make that a priority.


I’ve done several other programs, several other lifestyle changing platforms but I have learnt through Health on Track if I don’t not take control of my own habits, they will invariably fall away. 

I love that Georgia is about keeping health and wellness simple for lasting change.


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It has been wonderful working with Georgia at Health on Track. 

I have felt supported and motivated. I feel great and I'm excited about reaching my goal.